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Intervention ideas for the third term

We’re halfway through the year and our learners have just completed one of the toughest assessment periods of the year. Following these assessments and examinations, we know where the shortfalls are...

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Culturally responsive pedagogy

As part of the Rainbow Nation, we often get to experience a variety of cultures, races and religious beliefs in one classroom. Being mindful of this enables us as teachers...

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FET Mathematics resources collection

In this resource collection, you’ll find Maths and Maths Literacy worksheets, tests and additional resources for grades 10, 11 and 12. Quadratic functions: Matching activity By: Stephanie’s Store This cut...

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Classic comprehension resource collection

Comprehension plays an essential role in language learning. Check out these great comprehension, reading and language-in-context resources. Rules for doing a comprehension (poster) By: Shop with Sarah – Teaching Resources...

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Teach your students how to study

On average, 50% of students say they don’t know how to study effectively.  Exams are around the corner and, if you haven’t already started, you still have time to prepare...

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FET Term 3 resource collection

Term 3 worksheets, summaries, tests and exams for grades 10, 11 and 12. Grade 10 Maths Literacy worksheets on perimeter (Grade 10) By: DHR Includes memo.Duration: 20 mins. View Algebraic...

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Helping children to manage anxiety

In this challenging, ever-changing world, symptoms of anxiety inevitably show up in both adults and children in a multitude of ways. The fact that we now find ourselves in the...

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