2021 Classroom Decor

No one wants to start a new year in a classroom with last year’s decor. Why not change things up a bit and bring in some new posters and charts? 

Here are some of our favourite classroom decor resources: 

Colour Flashcards

Are your students learning colours? Stick these fun flashcards up on your walls to teach your learners 11 colours in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa! 

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Foundation Phase Mathematics – Wall Decor and Games 

This resource is for the foundation phase teachers! Have these maths activities and games up on your walls and make your lessons something your learners look forward to!

The bundle includes:

  • 6x A4 “Possession in space” cards to use as teaching materials or wall decor
  • 1-10 unique number puzzles
  • 1-10 shape dominoes
  • 1-10 number cards including numbers, pictures and number names
  • Adding, subtraction, multiplication and division dominoes

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Air Transport Theme Classroom Decor Set

Perfect for the younger grades – we think this decor pack is just ‘plane’ adorable! 

The transport-themed resources come with: 

  • Door sign
  • Name labels
  • 12 x A4 birthday calendars
  • Reward chart
  • Days of the week chart
  • Months of the year chart
  • 26 x A4 alphabet wall cards
  • 26 x alphabet flashcards
  • Number cards 0-20
  • 11 x A4 colour cards
  • 11 x A4 2D shape cards

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Cactus Pastel Class Decor

This gorgeous cactus decor pack is fully editable and includes:

  • Door poster
  • Subject posters
  • Flags
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Class Captain badge
  • Messenger badge
  • Hall Pass
  • Alphabet
  • Time Table poster
  • Months of the year
  • Days of the week
  • Group numbers
  • Colours
  • 2D Shapes
  • Welcome banner

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Lego Class Reward Chart

Reward charts are essential for the younger grades. When enforcing discipline in a classroom, it’s also important to praise your students when they are showing good behaviour and are hard at work! 

Your learners will love having their own lego figure to move around the blocks throughout the year as their performance changes. 

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Classroom Rules Posters – Fancy Font

Teaching children good manners is part of any teacher’s job. Put these classroom rules and guidelines on your wall to set a standard of respect from the beginning of the year already.

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Not only will classroom decor create an inspiring learning environment for your students, but having a creative and organised space to teach is also important to your own motivation! 

Looking for more inspiration? Browse through these past collections:

We hope you love these resources as much as we do! 

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