Make learning fun with these great educational games

Change things up in the classroom with these great educational games, covering everything spelling, memorising, drawing, virtual gaming, and more.

CVC word card game (Uno)

By: Sassie South African

This packet is designed to offer a FUN and ENGAGING way to practise short a, e, i, o, u words.
While Uno is originally played with a deck of 108 cards, this set consists of 324 cards (including 152 a, e, i, o, u words). This allows for more variety in the word options, giving you the opportunity to select the words that will better suit your lesson and student needs. 

File folder games: Locations

By: Behaviour Connect

Proudly presenting custom made file folder games that pertain to locations.
Simply purchase your file, print, laminate and add some velcro!

Opposites: Activities and perceptual worksheets

By: WriteAbility

This resource includes:

  • 2 opposites posters
  • 20 flashcards
  • 12 opposite puzzles
  • 3 opposite games
  • 2 connect the opposite worksheets
  • 8 reading and writing worksheets
  • 41 PDF printable pages

A5 rhyming word puzzles (two-piece puzzles)

By: Miss Corlia’s Class

  • 132 two-piece rhyming word puzzles (38 pages)
  • 44 colour with rhyming highlights (A5)
  • 44 colour (A5)
  • 44 black and white (A5)

Word games

By: My Klaskamer – Juffer se winkel

More than 20 games – starting with short words and including various vowel blends (e.g. ea, au), silent E words, etc. Each game is on a separate page.
Laminate the sheets or keep them in plastic sleeves to make wiping them clean easy and quick.

Maaltafelparkering / Multiplication parking

By: Lomi

A game to practise timetables from 2×2 to 7×7. Print the dice and parking area (9 pages) and park toy cars on the parking space with the correct answer.

Instructions in both Afrikaans and English.

Boom Cards: Guess who? (auditory processing skills)

By: Behaviour Connect

In this Boom Card, your learners will be required to listen to the description and select the correct answer from an array of items!

Montessori collective noun bingo: PowerPoint + Boom Cards (three-part cards)

By: Montessori Global

  • 15 individual bingo cards in PowerPoint format with movable pieces to cover the collective nouns that are identified in the picture card deck. The moveable pieces are white to highlight the noun symbols on them.
  • Printable three-part cards so that this resource can be used in physical and remote learning environments.
  • Boom Cards.

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