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Biometrics Technology Solves Security Threats at Schools Worldwide

Biometrics is growing in schools in many areas of the world. For example, in the UK, 4 out of 10 secondary schools (more than 1 million students) currently use finger scanning to identify their students. In the Osun state in Nigeria, all students use biometric smart cards.

Biometrics Solve Security Woes

Biometric technology can be used for so much more than just unlocking your smartphone. It is a cost-effective, reliable, easy and efficient way for school administrators to know for certain who is in their schools and where the students are each period of the day.

It seems as though schools have more and more security woes to deal with. Because of this, knowing who is in your school and where your students are at all times is now crucial. Accurate identification of students has also become critical in day-to-day management and administration.

Biometric technology provides school administrators with a trusted, cost-effective, safe, and easy-to-use approach to solving your school’s security woes. It can, essentially, solve all your security woes and help give you peace of mind.

Biometrics Is Ancient Technology

Although it seems futuristic, biometrics is not a new technology. The ancient Babylonians used fingerprints on clay tablets for business transactions, the ancient Egyptians used bodily characteristics to identify workers, and Chinese merchants in the fourteenth century used palm prints and footprints to identify children and thumbprints to “sign” documents.

A Local Biometrics Solution

You’re probably thinking that because your phone is made by an overseas company that biometric technology is not easily available in South Africa or that it is too expensive. This is not necessarily true, however.

A South African company at the forefront of biometric technology and smart security solutions for schools is Nashua. Nashua have listed on the SchoolAdvisor platform as an expert in biometrics and have received great reviews for their products and customer service (as you can see from the reviews below). We asked them to share how schools are using the technology.

Nashua Review  Nashua Review 2

Examples of How Schools Use Biometrics

Nashua shared these specific scenarios of schools using biometrics:

  • Access Control (e.g. only students/personal with access rights can enter school property). As a result, security is heightened
  • To keep track of student/employee attendance (no more attendance register!)
  • Easily manage timetables
  • Allowing only authorized people into restricted rooms/areas
  • Eliminating impersonation (e.g. when entering an exam room)
  • Monitoring student activity (e.g. knowing who arrived at school at what exact time and what time they left)
  • Custom messages can be displayed on the biometric terminals to indicate a venue change or a personal note per student

We chatted to Nashua about their biometric solutions for schools and they confirmed that they can do all the above mentioned and more. They will also do their best to design a biometric solution that will work best for your school, based on your school’s requirements and budget.

Free Biometrics Assessment

As we can see, the benefits of a biometric security solution for your school are numerous. So, how do you go about implementing biometrics in your school? Not sure if you can afford it?

To make the process of implementing biometrics as seamlessly as possible, Nashua are offering schools a free assessment. They will arrange for their experts to do an assessment of your school and determine what Smart Solution would work best for your specific school environment.

Click here to arrange a FREE assessment

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