Foundation Phase

Using a story-writing approach to create original lesson resources

by Emme Scholtz Original resources – they may take time, effort, planning and work to set up, but they can…

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When scholastic intervention isn’t enough, who should be approached?

As teachers, we often notice when something’s amiss, but we do not always know how to help.  In the Foundation…

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The importance of gross motor movements

Kinderkinetics is a scientifically based movement program that works at developing every child to their optimal level. It aims to…

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Thinking aloud: A tool for improving reading comprehension & vocabulary

Many classroom teachers have long viewed reading aloud as a luxury, an added expense that can be cut from the…

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Simile and sensory poetry: Creative thinking becomes creative writing

Teachers often hear statements like “Creativity is the most important skill in the primary school years” or “ Creativity is…

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