Delightful Language Resources

By: Isabel Tarling

As language teachers we have the most fantastic array of digital tools and resources available for every part of the curriculum. I’ve listed a few but there are literally hundreds of thousands I haven’t listed. Use the comment feature below to add to this list and we can build up a resource for everyone to share.

Reading and Viewing

Listening and Speaking

Writing and Presenting

Language Structures and Conventions


When you’re presenting online lessons, there’s a certain distancing that takes place and it’s difficult to know if the kids are actually paying attention. There are different ways to keep them engaged.

In Conclusion

Language teaching can be truly innovative in this time. Think along cross-disciplinary lines and incorporate pedagogies like project-based learning. Use skills learners already have like selfies and video recording – let’s face it, this generation knows how to film themselves. Think of ways to use these skills for learning.

Australia’s Centre for the Moving Image and the Victoria State Government created the Filmmaker’s Toolkit for young filmmakers. It encompasses all the language skills from storyboarding, screenwriting, listening and speaking, reading, editing and presenting. One of the best resources for the language teacher! How can you incorporate this excellent online course in a 2 – 3 weeks learning task for your students?

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This article was originally published in the Teacha! Magazine Issue 3.2.
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