Via Afrika Online Course: Teaching for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

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Via Afrika Online Course: Teaching for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

This course has been written specifically for educators to help you prepare yourself, and your learners, for successful and effective lives as we continue deeper into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The first session, Getting to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, provides a key understanding of what an industrial revolution is, and why we are talking so much about the Fourth Industrial Revolution right now. The session provides an insightful look into the key elements of the first three industrial revolutions to lay the foundations for a detailed look at what the 4IR is, how it has already had an impact on society and what this means for an educator. Finally, a very brief overview of the key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will give you insight into what the technological changes are for you as an individual, and you as an educator. This session is an excellent introduction to anyone who wants a firm grasp of the 4IR.

4IR technologies explained

Each of the key 4IR technologies is covered in a session on its own. These technologies are:

  1. Augmented Reality 
  2. Virtual Reality 
  3. Big Data 
  4. Artificial Intelligence 
  5. Coding 
  6. Robotics

These six sessions develop the knowledge and skills needed to appreciate and evaluate the specific technology. You will learn more about its purpose, application and the opportunities it creates. You will also experience a basic introduction to using the technology an educational context. Of course, as a teacher you will want to be able to apply these learnings in your. While each of the previous sessions gives insight into the application of the technology, the session GenReady for 4IR will offer you various teaching and learning strategies, as well as personal and professional development concepts needed to bring 4IR into your classroom. The final session in the course explores some of the other key technologies, like 3D printing and cloud computing, for example, that have an impact on our lives in the 4IR.

Session 1: Getting to the Fourth Industrial Revolution – 5 PD Points

Learn about how we got to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and what it is.

Session 2: Augmented Reality (AR) – 5 PD Points

 Learn what Augmented Reality (AR) is, and how you can use it in your teaching.

Session 3: Virtual Reality (VR) – 5 PD Points

 Learn what Virtual Reality (VR) is, and how you can use it in your teaching.

Session 4: Big Data – 5 PD Points

 What’s all the hype around Big Data about? Find out in this introductory session.

Session 5: Artificial Intelligence (AI) – 5 PD Points

 Everyone’s talking about AI. Join the conversation by learning the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in this session.

Session 6: Coding – 5 PD Points

Coding is a key technology required to excel in the 21st Century. This session explains what it is, and why it’s important for you.

Session 7: Robotics – 5 PD Points

 What are robots? Will they take over the world? How do we use robotics in the classroom? Do this session to find out.

Session 8: Genready for the 4IR – 5 PD Points

 How do you make sure that you’re ready to teach effectively in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? How to you maximise on trends, technologies and tools in your 21st Century classroom?

Session 9: Other 4IR Technologies and Applications – 5 PD Points

 Now that you’re a member of GenReady, it’s time to explore more technologies and their application in an educational context.

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