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End of Year Exam Revision

If you’ve completed all the lessons required for the 4th term exams, it’s time to move on to revision! It’s likely your students will have forgotten some of the work they’ve done earlier in the year, so revision is going to be essential to prepare them. 

Here are a couple of worksheets and past papers to get your learners ready: 

English Worksheet Pack

Revisit conjunctions, verbs in the past tense, and prefixes and suffixes. These worksheets are designed for learners from Gr 4 to Gr 7. 

Download here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/english-worksheet-pack-3-for-grade-4-to-7-learners-4-worksheets/

Gr 7 Maths Revision

Revise the year’s Gr 7 syllabus with these 30 pages of worksheets and a memo. 

Download here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/grade-7-maths-revision-with-memo-15-pages-worksheets-15-pages-memo/ 

Gr 8 Natural Sciences Booklet 

Get these 25 pages with questions and a memo that includes all the topics from the year’s work.

The questions cover:

  • Matter and materials 
  • Elements and compounds 
  • The Periodic Table
  • Names of compounds 
  • Chemical reactions
  • Electric cells as energy systems 
  • The Solar System
  • The Sankey diagram
  • Phase changes

Download here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/gr-8-natural-sciences-worksheet-1-25-pagesfinal-exam-revision-questions-answers/ 

Gr 10 Physical Sciences (Electric Circuits)

This 4-page worksheet includes 2 pages with questions and 2 with answers. Go through calculating current, voltage, and resistance in series and parallel electric circuits; so it’s fresh in their memories.

Download here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/gr-10-physical-sciences-electric-circuits-questions-answers/

Gr 11 Life Sciences Revision Worksheets

Give your Gr 11s the chance to study their whole Life Sciences curriculum again before the last exam. This 35 worksheet pack covers the entire syllabus.

Download here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/grade-11-life-sciences-revision-worksheets-35-worksheets-for-whole-curriculum/

Gr 12 Mathematical Literacy Revision Worksheets 

Term 4 exams are the matrics’ most important exam period, so the more revision the better. This resource includes 31 worksheets that cover the year’s content. 

Download here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/grade-12-mathematical-literacy-revision-worksheets-for-whole-year-31-worksheets/

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of revising with your learners! We hope some of these resources will help you get your students through the term 4 exams with ease!

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