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It’s not quite back-to-school time yet, but we know some of you are already working on your planning for the first few weeks of school.

Well, take a deep breath, because we have a great collection of back-to-school resources for teachers to help get you through your planning quickly, so you can get back to enjoying your holiday.

We hope these inspire you! Thanks for doing what you do for another year ????


Success Mindset

This guide aims to teach your learners how to create a mindset for success in all areas of your life.

In the introduction you will learn:

  • About thoughts, beliefs, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and how our subconscious mind works.
  • Part 1 – learn how to eliminate Negative thoughts
  • Part 2 – learn how to create Positive thoughts through affirmation and visualisations
  • Part 3 – learn how to create a balanced state of mind and keep your habit of creating positive thoughts through the Jerry Seinfeld technique.

Download here.


Introduction to Scientific Research PowerPoint

This animated PowerPoint (39 slides) can be used to introduce scientific research and laboratory basics.

It is a great CAPS-based tool that effectively enhances teaching and learning in the classroom. This pack includes the scientific method, laboratory rules and common equipment, step-by-step instructions for drawing graphs (line, bar and pie) as well as biological drawing techniques.

Download here.


Two Icebreakers – ‘Who Are You?’ and ‘Find Someone Who…’

These two icebreakers are perfect for starting the new year in a language classroom.

  1. ‘Who are you?’ helps learners to write about themselves. This can also be used as pre-writing activity for essay-writing.
  2. ‘Find someone who…’ is ideal for learners who don’t know each other yet.

Suitable for English Home Language and First Additional Language grades 7-12.

Download here.


Freebie: Smart Goal Worksheet

This worksheet will help learners understand how to set goals according to the SMART criteria. It is a great way to start off and focus the new year.

Download here.


The Alliteration Game

This fun game is a great started to an English lesson – or any lesson. It is set out on slides in a PowerPoint.

Download here.


Periodieke Tabel in Afrikaans Plakkaat

Finally! A printable Afrikaans periodic table. This can be used as a workdheet for learners as well as an A1 poster for your classroom.

Download here.


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