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Finding It a Pain to Get Parents to Pay for School Trips, Fundraisers, Tours, etc? There’s a Better, Cashless Way

Are you frustrated with the amount of time it takes for parents to make payments? Do you feel like physical money is outdated and that there must surely be a better way?

We heard that Karri aims to provide a quick and easy alternative to sending physical money in order to make school payments and that it does so in a convenient way. To find out whether this is true and to find out exactly how their cashless school payment system works, we chatted to Sam Stelzner from Karri.

Q: What exactly does Karri aim to do?
A: Karri aims to help make school payments simpler and faster. This is part of a vision of a cashless school environment. This has numerous benefits, particularly surrounding security (no cash to steal), efficiency (less administering, more teaching), scalability (means to raise more funds) and accountability (digital tracking of money). Karri is a financial innovation with the power to improve education. This has been recognised by Nedbank, who have partnered with Karri to provide a trusted payment solution for schools.

Q: How is money paid and received?
A: Parents receive a unique child code which allows them to create an account on the Karri mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play Store). Parents link their cards and make payments as they are prompted by their children’s teachers. All this is done with a few touches of the finger.

Karri prevents parents from needing loose change and tasking their children to take money to school. Money is paid by parents via Karri directly into the school account. This prevents schools from handling and administering cash.

Q: How do schools track payments?
A: Teachers and financial managers have access to their own online dashboard that displays all payments, reconciles payments against class lists, and keeps track of the accounts.

Q: How do schools get started with Karri?
A: Schools begin by registering with Karri. Karri helps schools create their web-based profiles and onboard their parent and student data. Teachers create events using an online dashboard that prompt parents to make payments. These include trips, fundraisers, tours, productions, collection days and other school activities.

SchoolAdvisor loves the fact the Karri gives teachers more time to do what they do best: teach. We can see how this digital payment system has made making school payments a lot more convenient.

If you would like to find out more and how to register with Karri, click here.

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