Foundation Phase home-learning collection

Whether you’re a parent who’s home-schooling your child, or you’re a teacher looking for resources for your class while schools are closed, we’ve got everything you need to make learning fun at home for little ones in Grades R–3.

Bumper activity and workbook

By: Home School Hero

101 pages of fun for all young kids who are curious to learn (includes all aspects of the curriculum for Grade R–3).

Fine motor development: Cutting skills

By: WriteAbility

This activity resource was created by an occupational therapist and includes guidelines for the use and development of cutting skills.

Fine motor activity fun: Activities to improve pencil control

By: WriteAbility

35 pages of guidelines for pencil use, and tips to promote fine motor development. Also includes demonstrative videos.

Hide and Seek Speech: Wizard theme (articulation game)

By: Little Speech Shop

A PowerPoint game that is fully interactive and is designed to generate multiple productions of a target sound for articulation practice. 

Learn vowel digraphs like OA, AI, AY, OI, OY (Zoggy Gets A Red Car): Pack 1

By: Guinea Pig Education

Help your child/ren to take their first steps in reading and spelling with this exciting structured course.
Mission Spelling Zero is a series of books in 7 levels, one for each colour of the rainbow, aimed to help young learners gain first reading and spelling skills.

Montessori Pink Reading Series: Three-letter phonemes (CVC words)

By: Montessori Global

This product is designed to give children the crucial foundational skills to read, write and spell. It is a well-tested system that is used successfully in Montessori classrooms around the world.

My 2–3 year FUN book

By: Wolfie Designs

This book has 95 pages and 10 themes. There are 31 practical motor exercises and 23 sensory exercises to do.

Opposites: Activities and perceptual worksheets

By: WriteAbility

Opposites: This activity and worksheet resource was designed to support children’s visual perceptual and cognitive development.

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