Classic comprehension resource collection

Comprehension plays an essential role in language learning. Check out these great comprehension, reading and language-in-context resources.

Rules for doing a comprehension (poster)

By: Shop with Sarah – Teaching Resources

This colour poster is perfect to print and place in the classroom (grades 4 to 7) to remind children how to set out and complete reading comprehensions.
Sample comprehension rules:
1. Always write the date and the name of the comprehension.
2. Number your work as it has been numbered on the comprehension. Your numbers must go in the margin.

Comprehension analysis (Intermediate Phase)

By: Study Hacks

This interactive PowerPoint presentation helps learners to understand how they should approach a comprehension text. It explains various questions that they might get and how to answer each specific question. Examples and steps that will help them to remember the content are also included.

Reading comprehension: Strange occupations (Grade 3–4)

By: MissHull

Grade 3 or 4 reading comprehension about two strange occupations, followed by 13 questions (including mark allocations) of varying difficulty. Language-based questions included.

All about crabs – comprehension (Grade 4–5)

By: Shop with Sarah – Teaching Resources

A simple and informative comprehension about crabs for Grades 4 and 5.

Response to text: English (Grade 5)

By: Jackie101

Grade 5 FAL response to text
Visual text

Once upon a novel: English (HL/FAL), Intermediate Phase (Grade 6, Term 3)

By: Mrs Morgie’s Moments

13 printable pages of assessments accommodating all skills, abilities and cognitive levels.

Response to text: English (Grade 6)

By: Jackie101

English response to text
English Home Language
Grade 6

Response to text: English (Grade 7)

By: Jackie101

Response to text
English Home Language
Memo included

Extinct animals: Reading comprehension with language revision (Grade 8 or 9)

By: Teacher D

FREE Grade 9 English Home Language resource – can easily be used for Grade 8 as well.

Reading comprehension on extinct animals (with great pictures)
Language revision
PowerPoint slide show with marking guideline

Language and comprehension test: English FAL (Grade 10)

By: Learning Curve

Test paper with language and comprehension sections. Includes the following topics: Comprehension general language, active and passive voice, vocabulary, tenses.

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