Practise listening skills

Listening is so much more than just hearing – it’s the ability to receive and interpret information. Without the ability to listen, information would constantly be misunderstood. This is one of the most essential skills you could build with your students during their year with you. 

Here are some comprehensions and tests that will develop your learners’ listening skills: 

Grade 1 English and Afrikaans assessment

Start building a strong language foundation for your Grade 1s by giving them activities that develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills together.

Grade 5 English Home Language listening comprehension

This sweet listening comprehension is designed for Grade 5 HL and is suitable to test your learners in accordance with the CAPS term 2 curricula. 

The resource comes with instructions and a memorandum for marking. 

Grade 6 English Home Language listening class test

Use this poem as an oral listening test. The resource comes with nine questions related to the poem that you can ask your Grade 6 students. 

Grades 8-10 English listening comprehension

Ideal for grades 8-10 as an English home language or first additional language listening comprehension, this customisable Word document includes instructions, a reading passage on the topic Glow-in-the-Dark Mushrooms, and its questions. 

Grade 10 English First Additional Language listening comprehension

This CAPS-compliant assessment includes a full memorandum and definition of vocabulary to test your Grade 10 learners’ English FAL listening skills.  

Whether you are building the foundation for listening competency or developing it, the listening skills you teach in your classroom now will be carried out into the world by all your learners.

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