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RESOURCES: Maths Classroom Wall Fillers

Take a look through these fantastic wall fillers for your classroom.For both foundation and intermediate phase, these posters are bound to add some colour to your class!

Number Sense Posters 1-10

10 x A4

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Circus themed shape wall posters

Circus themed shape wall posters

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3D shapes poster

Features cube,cone,cylinder and sphere

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Subtraction Bond flash cards and posters for grade 1’s

Instructions on how to use the item
5 x Subtraction posters
17 pages of flashcard bonds with pictures
17 x pages of flashcard bonds without pictures so that your kids can draw and subtract their own

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Time Posters

In these time poster pack you’ll receive 14 posters that explains the difference between the hour and the minute hands. It displays the different side of the clock. It also teach the vocabulary of telling time, the words included are o’clock, five past, ten past, quarter past, twenty past, twenty five past, half past, twenty five to, twenty to, quarter to, ten to, five to, hour and minute. The activities included are Label parts of the clock, build a clock, show the time and write the time.

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Number of the day 0-99 Poster

2 x A3

Laminate the 2 pages. Use a white board marker to write the number of the day. Also fill in the numbers for + and -.

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Mathematical operations and key words for word sums POSTER

Sometimes, maths words can be a bit confusing to kids. This poster according to the FREE YOUTUBE video aims to help kids with some of the maths operation words. It might help when doing word sums/story sums.

There is a coloured poster as well as a black and white version. Can be printed as an A4 or A3 poster.

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Division Poster 1-12

Classroom resource. These division poster will help learners in the classroom. The teacher can use these as an extra resource.

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WackyNix Multiplication Posters

Use these bright and colourful multiplication posters in class.

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Volume and Capacity Posters

5 Volume and capacity posters in a succulent theme. The posters are in PDF, high-resolution format.

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Wackynix Measurement posters

4 A3 posters explaing
1. Length
2. Capacity
3. Weight
4. The metric unit system

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