Revised ATP Collection

As you are well aware, there have been some major changes to the curriculum for 2020 due to the pandemic and all the school days that were missed during the lockdown. 

We’ve spent some time finding quality resources that are in line with the new and revised ATPs: 

Gr8 Geography Climatology Worksheet

Learning about climate is an important building block to a learner’s understanding of weather in the FET phase. Test your learners’ knowledge with this climatology revision worksheet. 

Get it here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/grade-8-geography-climatology-worksheet-revision-2/

Gr7 History Transatlantic Slave Trade – Powerpoint and PDF Summary

With no amendments made to the topic of transatlantic slavery, ensure your students are clued-up and have good knowledge of the subject. This resource covers it all!

Get it here:


Gr11 Business Studies Informal Test – Business Environments

Knowing the business environments is foundational to Business Studies students.

Have your Gr11s practice their knowledge with this informal test on the topic.

Get it here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/gr-11-bstudies-informal-test-business-environments/

Gr5 Healthy Eating Assessment – Life Skills

Because remaining healthy is so relevant during this pandemic, the department decided to keep the topic of ‘healthy eating’ in the curriculum. 

Revise the Life Skills subject with your Gr5s. Get it here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/healthy-eating-assessment-30-marks-psw-grade-5-fat-3-1/

Gr6 -12 Direct and Indirect Speech Study Notes – English Language 

Covering direct and indirect speech, this resource is handy whether your students are learning the language structure for the first time, or need to be reminded of it. 

Get it here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/direct-indirect-speech_study-notes-reference-guide_ehlgr-6-12/

Gr10 Circle Geometry Theorem

This easy to understand worksheet is a great study resource. Ask your students to draw their own diagrams representing each theorem. 

Get it here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/gr-10-circle-geometry-theorem/

It’s never too late for revision! Help your students ace their exams with these readily available resources!

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