Setting up stationery lists for 2022 just got a whole lot easier with YourSchoolBox

If you’re dreading the back-to-school stationery schlep, you’ll be delighted to discover YourSchoolBox – a solution to simplify all of this for schools and parents.

Save time AND money

With over a decade of experience in stationery e-commerce, the team behind YourSchoolBox is here to save teachers and parents from all the admin behind setting up stationery lists, as well as all the time travelling to a store and browsing the aisles for the right glue stick or pencil. Plus, YourSchoolBox is affordable, saving costs for both schools and parents.

Benefits for schools

YourSchoolBox removes any hassle out of stationery setup and ordering. Since YourSchoolBox manages everything to do with orders, there are zero operational requirements for you, freeing up your time.

Schools who use YourSchoolBox get to:

Benefits for parents

YourSchoolBox is the easiest way for parents in South Africa to purchase back-to-school stationery. Using the school’s pre-populated stationery lists, parents can place orders within minutes

Parents who use YourSchoolBox get to:

With YourSchoolBox’s technology, your school could be enjoying your easiest stationery ordering process yet.

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