So you want to write for the Teacha! Magazine?

If you have something to share, whether it’s a thought, an activity or just a story that ends with you having learnt something worth telling us about, please continue reading…

Being a teacher (or profound parent) yourself, is why we want you! Nothing speaks to teachers more than the voice of actual teachers. 

We are always interested in hearing about your classroom – ideas, exercises, activities, strategies, lessons or just great stories.

Each term, The Teacha! Magazine has a theme, so in order for everything to align, we ask that you send through your submission idea  before getting started on it.

A submission idea?

Send an email to us at with the following information included:

  • A very quick description of who you are (A teacher? A parent? How many years in the service, etc.)
  • Who you are targeting when writing this piece (teachers in general/Subject-specific teachers/ECD, Primary of High School teachers / SMT, etc.)
  • A description of your submission topic. Please do not write your entire piece before submitting and receiving feedback from us.
  • Is your article based on research that you have seen before, or are you able to support it with research?
  • Links to any extra multimedia you may include in the piece
  • Links to any other pieces you may have previously had published (Don’t worry, this is not a must – newbies are welcome)
  • A link to any social media profiles or blogs you would like us to add to your profile (Twitter handle etc.)

If you would like, you can make use of this template for your submission idea.

Now that you have submitted an idea, what’s next?

The Teacha team will go through all submissions and see whether it aligns with the next issue – sometimes we may save the idea for a future issue – but we will let you know.

We are all about working as a team with our writers, so please know that we look at each proposal intently, as we know that it has taken time for each submission. If your piece is not chosen, please know that we would love for you to try again. We will also keep it in our list of ideas and contact you if we would like it to be written for a next edition.

If your piece is chosen, we will have open conversation, and if needed, guide you through your full writing process.

Please note: We only accept original pieces that have not been published elsewhere.
The final piece should be 650 – 750 words.

Let’s work together to inspire teachers all over the world. Are you in? Contact us!

The Teacha! Team

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