Teacher Treats

It’s often just the little pleasures in our lives that give us the most enjoyment and help us through the daily grind. As teachers, we are reeeeaally busy and often don’t plan to intentionally treat ourselves. Here are some ways to add a little sweetness to your life:

We have a great selection of special resources. Choose a few that will make you happy and give each day a boost. ????

Door Decoration

Brighten up your classroom door with this happy greeting!

Download here.


We have an array of different labels to choose from. Each one is different, so pick your favourite and add some zing to your stationery.

Download here.

Watercolour Ombre Digital Paper

This product is in JPEG format and contains 16 awesome colours to choose from.

Download here.


Give your classroom a festive touch with this resource which consists of 31 banners of different colours and designs. It is in PDF format.

Download here.

Morning Greeting Signs

Help build community in your classroom! Let your learners select which of the 10 different greetings they would like to use.

Download here.

Jaar Beplanner

If you still do not have a suitable diary, here is an opportunity to treat yourself to a beautiful 61-page planner for 2019.

Download here.


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