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No longer content with today’s admittedly broken models of education, schools are embracing telepresence technologies, new kinds of classrooms, online learning, big data, and even all-you-can-eat methods that allow students to take as many classes as they want over any amount of time for a flat fee. Experimenting with technology seemed to be the answer to innovation in education.

Through this realisation the Digital Education show was born! Terrapinn’s concept of technology in education started in Austraila with an event called Edutech. This giant of an industry event combined traditional teaching methods, with innovation in technology to give schools and teachers a better way of teaching a tech savvy generation and to keep educating students in a more modern, interesting way. This would in turn keep learners actively engaged and interested in subject matter that teachers were putting in their lesson plans.

With close to 8,000 attendees; 8 congresses, 8 post-congress master classes, official dinner for 900 guests, 250 exhibits, plus lots of extra streams, seminars, TeachMeets and breakouts for expo visitors, Edutech is now Australia’s largest Education Conference and Exhibition.

With the success of the Edutech event, Terrapinn decided to launch an event that’s name says it all…Digital Education.

The Digital Education Show is the only conference and exhibition that empowers learning through technology and shows teachers how to successfully incorporate technology into their lessons, shows principals how technology can transform the success of their students and the school as a whole and shows parents the improvement of their children’s grades from the use of innovation in the classroom.

The Digital Education show started in Asia, then grew to the Middle Eastern Parts of the globe, to extend to Europe and finally Africa. With 2000 visitors in the Middle East and 3000 visitors in Asia, it just shows that educational technology is the opportunity going forward. The Digital Education Show focuses on the latest trends in digital education. The VIP conference consists of innovative and visionary content that will excite, provoke and inspire you. Local and International gurus and thinkers will explore how to harness the power of technology to improve learning processes and outcomes.

With the main focus on Africa, African Governments have already identified schools that will be digitised in January 2015. Principals are therefore looking for suitable solutions for their schools and teachers are looking to acquire skills on how to successfully implement technology into their lesson plans. With this being known by us, we had to tap into this opportunity.

The journey has not been an easy one, with budgets being done in the New Year, and sceptics of a new launch event, at times, the event did not look promising, but with the feedback from the general market, the opportunity was too hot to just ignore. The wise words of our CEO, Greg Hitchen ran through my head, “Never be afraid to ask for big money if you have a great product.”

With a bit of time that went by and a lot of rejections, I managed to gain the support of the Title sponsor, Via Afrika and their CEO, Christina Watson, who has been placed on 2014’s most innovative list, 6 industry experts confirmed to speak at the VIP conference and the support from the Department of Basic Education. It is now very clear that our potential to expand and grow the Digital Education show Africa is endless.


Other solution providers were quick to get on board and soon we had the support of partners such as Pearson, Samsung, ExtraMarks, IBoardtouch, Kolok, and Macmillan Education. Leveraging off our partners knowledge, believing in the event and the potential it holds, with only 1 other competitor in the market, The Digital Education Show Africa will grow and soon be known as the number one education conference and exhibition in Africa.

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Come visit the Teacha! and Onnies Online stand on the 6th and 7th of October at the Sandton Convention Centre and stand a chance to win a R200 Teacha! Gift Card!

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