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Why do we, as teachers, keep reinventing the wheel? We work in isolation and resource sharing is limited. Well, we are here to say, “Share the wheel!”.

Below is a taste of our growing collection of tried and tested teaching resources to save you from reinventing the wheel, all carefully crafted by teachers for teachers. These are our TOP SELLERS (besides exam papers). Some are even free! Enjoy the collection.


Breukesomme hulp met memo

This packs includes a solid explanation of fractions with several examples for the students to practice on. There are also four story sums that make use of fractions.

Download here.


WOW@AFRIKAANS IS EASY! Afrikaans Reading Exercises

These 80 printable workbooks will help your students learn to read and write Afrikaans words and short sentences. This book-series was created to give students the opportunity to learn, practise and gain confidence in Afrikaans Additional Language.

Download here.


Wiskunde oefenvrae

This packs includes 30 pages of maths activities and practice exercise. It is suitable for Grades 3 – 5. The memo is included as well.

Download here.


Snappy Sums

This packs includes over 20 speed test lists with + – x ÷

Download here.


Graad 1 of 2 werkboekie

This 11-page pack is full of activities, such as:

  • Complete the pattern
  • Complete sentences
  • Complete the days of the week
  • Alphabet games where students must complete the alphabet
  • And more…

Download here.


Freebie: Gr. 2 Afrikaans ons land Suid-Afrika

This resource is in Afrikaans for Life Skills and includes the RSA flag, national symbols, coat of arms, provinces and anthem.

Download here.


Freebie: Figures of speech posters

Try this FREE ‘figures of speech’ poster printables for your English classroom. There are 9 pages in total. Each poster shows the name of the figure of speech, the definition and an example accompanied by a colourful picture.

Download here.


My 5-minute dinkboekie / My 5 minute focus book

This includes a 20-page pack with focus activities for young students.

Download here.


Freebie: Afrikaanse motiverende muurkaarte

Decorate your classroom with these 7 Afrikaans motivational posters. They have a rainbow and dots theme – perfect for foundation phase or intermediate phase students.

Download here.


Freebie: Afrikaanse sigwoorde

This is a great sight word activity for foundation phase students. It is perfect for improving reading and comprehension.

Download here.


If you’re looking for a resource that you don’t see above, check out the other products on our website. There are hundreds of other resources available for Grade R-12.

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